I believe in giving back to our community, helping our neighbours and being a positive influence in the lives of those around us. Each time we do something good for others, it can make a big difference.

Karen is here to assist the Nadeau + Reid Team and their clients as they go through the buying and/or selling process. She is the go-to professional at the office for getting listings on the market, advertising, creating marketing materials and so much more.

Karen Whiston

Virtual Assistant to Lindsay Reid

: 519-709-0931/ CitrineTouch.ca

: citrinetouch@gmail.com

What do I love most? Being able to help the Realtors and their clients along each of their unique journeys, and getting to see them them smile because of something I've done, it makes it all worth it!

When I’m not assisting my clients, I enjoy time with my family and love watching my Son in karate class and his other extra curricular activities.  I enjoy decorating and renovation projects at home, taking tours of Wineries in Southern Ontario, road trips and being outdoors.

As a person, and a professional, I take pride in everything I do. I strive to contribute only my best, and anything short of that is just not acceptable.